The door of Nations

Why this fear of each other?

This is the question that leads Ghass to paint. Throughout his life, he draws a path of light made up of colors and hope. It is in a spirit of sharing that his artistic universe is built. In connection with its environment and the people who compose it, Ghass resonates the singing of the children of the world.

Through this work, Ghass wishes to transmit a universal and citizen message to the kids who will participate in this program. This educational ambition is carried by the artist in all his creations to create a vision where mistrust no longer exists and where well-being together is essential. He wants to multiply times of sharing and create links between women and men, between generations.

The “La Porte des Nations” program is about the creation of 50 doors made in collaboration with children. 50 works for an act of cultural commitment and to discover behind each of them another culture, another reality and fraternities to share.

See some videos about the program “The Door of Nations”.