Peace by Ghass

Like an
chain for peace

The PEACE BY GHASS program is an installation of 13 sculptures that form an international chain for peace around the world.

The starting point was in Paris, at Paris Dauphine University, a symbolic site that was once the headquarters of NATO.

The sculpture is made out of bronze with a granite base. It is 26,25 feet high and weighs 4409,24 lb.

Next steps:

  • Paris (Richelieu Drouot – installation of the inaugural plaque on November 11, 2021)
  • Monaco
  • Londres

See some videos about the sculpture Peace by Ghass.

The sculpture reaches up to the sky as if looking for more spirituality. But at the same time, it is tremendously earthly, with such sensuality!

Would Adam and Eve (having turned into snakes themselves..) ask for God’s forgiveness?

Patrick Olivier, professor at Paris Dauphine University

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